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5 Reasons Why Our Mentorship Works

Business Consultation

Strict process of vetting mentors: 


We don’t only look for experience (min 10 years), but we also test our Mentors for emotional and spiritual intelligence. 



All matches are made by humans not machines. 


Our team vet each and every request by hand and often will consult with different mentors before a match is suggested to you. This is to ensure that your mentor has the ability to help in your specific niche.


A method behind the madness:


Each Mentor has a unique process of mentorship that was developed in many years of experience and is designed to fit your specific needs and circumstances. 


Reduce the burden of mental clog.  


Building (in business & life) can be overwhelming and often confusing. Our mentors are committed to help you simplify the process so you can move forward.


Our Mentors are multilingual.


We always try to welcome Mentors from different languages so you can use the language you feel most comfortable with.

How To Join 


Fill in your request form


tell us a little bit about yourself and the things you need help with so we can get to work and find you a mentor


Choose your mentor and your membership preferences


We review your request and send you an email with top 3-5 Mentors in your niche. 

For your first session, You can either choose to have the 30min free session included in the Bifound Membership for $4.99 


You can book a full 90min for a one-off fee of $250.

Please note all first sessions have the same price across the platform. For on-going Mentorship, your Mentor will send you their own fees and packages.


Book your first session


Ue the calendar provided to book your first session. We recommend you make the most of it by preparing in advance. Here s a list on how to prepare for you session.


Message fom the CEO

When I came up with the idea to connect Mentors with Mentees, It was a light bulb moment for our whole team. Although we heavily relay on Mentorship for our own growth, I never realised how huge the need for this service was for the wider population until we started working on it. 


We are so excited and humbled to be offering this service to anyone and everyone passionate about their own growth.

-Zak Sulaiman-

Talk to an expert and get tailored support

Life is too BIG to carry it all by yourself.