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You Are Probably On To Something!

Find Mentors in every niche, book & manage sessions
and get support all in one place.

A learning experience like no other, right at your fingertips.


It is important to discuss and direct your goals with someone who thinks at the same frequency as you.


This is where having an experienced coach can help you navigate through any uncertainty or decision making process.

If that has been your reality so far, we have great news for you - Intellectual Companionship is on the way.

Success is only possible when you are surrounded by the right people. A Mentor can provide that environment for you.

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We Broke The ICE

By matching you with a (REAL HUMAN) Mentor or Coach who has already walked the walk and has now decided to share their knowledge & expertise with the World.

All our Coaches are business owners themselves and meet our Bifound Coaching Standards & Requirements.


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Why 1-on-1 mentorship?

The human experience is so complex that nobody can understand it fully on their own. That's where Mentors come in.

The greatest professional athletes, musicians, artists, and CEOs all depend on coaches to ensure performance.


A Mentor is not just an expert. A Mentor is a second mind, an objective point of view, a confidant and a friend whose only goal is to see you win.

What can a Mentor help me with?

If you struggle with any of the following, mentorship could hold a solution to your problem:

Do you have a clear vision for your future?

Do you have a strategy on how to get there?

Do you have the steps & tools to implement your plan?

Do you have the discipline & structure to manage your steps?

Do you have resilience & sharpness of thought to get over difficult times?


Do you have the motivation to keep you going?

Whether you're on a personal or business development journey, a Mentor can make things much easier for you.

Not ready to talk to a Coach?

Download a Business Plan template and get your feet in the water.

What to expect from your first coaching session:

  • You have a 1-on-1 meeting with one of our Mentors either in person or via Zoom.​

  • Your Mentor will go through your circumstances (business or personal) to help you pinpoint exactly what you need support with.

  • Your Mentor will go through a series of questions about your goals, vision, strengths & weaknesses, and help you create action steps. 

  • No questions or answers are off-limits when it comes to your growth. Your Mentor is there to help you navigate through the steps as well as complex emotional aspects of being on the journey you are on (business or personal).

Designing on Laptop
A business meeting

The path is here to form you,

You've got nothing to lose and everything to win!

Pensive Freelancer

How to prepare for your coaching session:


  • Be opened to receive guidance. Your Mentor will not do the work for you but they will guide you, so you may cultivate clarity from within.

  • Download the business plan template (if you are having a business meeting) and try to fill in as much as you can. This will allow you to expand your horizon and be prepared for the conversation.       

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