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The Mission is simple: we connect Mentors with Mentees.
But why is this important?

We Are Business Founders Supporting Business Founders.

Bi:^found, short for Business Founders,

Is a company build from the initiative to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the world.

The Mission

Information is energy, it can never be created nor destroyed, it recycles itself over time.

The philosophies of the past may seem outdated to us when we look at them through the paradigm of today's world.

However, when we strip ourselves of time, we quickly realise that the core ideas have always been the same. So naturally, we end up recycling all the information we have and restructure it in a way that serves the current stage of human development.

We are not learning something new, we are recovering a lost ability. And so the information we bring to you may not be new to the world but the path to follow and implement the steps have been restructured in a way that would suit the modern entrepreneur.


The intention of this program is to give you the tools and structure you need to bring your ideas to the world. We are very excited and humbled to be part of your journey.

Together We Grow Stronger

The Work

The 3 Step Foundation Formula (IRE) has infinite room for expansion.

The 3 Step Foundation Formula has infinite room for expansion. It will run in nearly every aspect of your life, be it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially.


If we have a look into how things have evolved in history, it is crystal clear that the key factor behind human development and expansion has been the entrepreneurial mindset. The desire to grow, understand more, create more and experiment with ideas for a better future.


This is essentially the only skill you need to learn. All the other important principles of life are enclosed within the entrepreneurial mindset.


Principles such as honesty, care for others, leadership skills, discipline, fair judgment, emotional intelligence, integrity and so on. This is the beauty of the 3 Step Foundation Formula, it is a capsule of holistic life prosperity.

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