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About Open Arms Foundation

Open Arms Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Bifound as an initiative to create equal opportunities for People in remote locations.

All Bifound Mentors have the opportunity to support Open Arms Foundation by choosing to either donate some or all of their earnings to the Foundation. You can also choose to donate of your time and become a mentor under this initiative. Your support helps children in developing countries get a fair chance at becoming entrepreneurs and leaders in their own communities.

100% free education

Free education to all the students who enrol in the Programme

Personalized Content

Each child receives tailored mentorship & tools based on their unique interests & skills

Community Support

Beyond education. We provide free lunch, uniform, transport, stationary and more

School Kids

Why Open Arms Foundation?

Open Arms was born as an initiative to support young couples with the difficult task of raising the future of humanity. 

It takes more than schooling to infuse leadership in future generations, it takes support, resources and guidance on all levels, it truly is a community effort. And that is exactly the mission behind the Open Arms Foundation.


Not everybody is born a leader but everyone of us have the ability to become one. We hope you join us in making it possible for our future leaders to find a voice of their own and bring more balance to the world.

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