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Get Matched with a Mentor and save years of trial and error.


Not having someone to discuss an idea or a decision with can be very overwhelming.

You know the saying ''success is a lonely journey''. that is not far from the truth.

Once you have made a decision to elevate your life, you operate on a very specific frequency and that frequency is often difficult to match.

If that has been your reality so far, we have great news for you - Intellectual Companionship is on the way.

Success is impossible if you're not surrounded by the right people and the right Mentor could change that around in a heartbeat.


We Broke The ICE

By matching you with a REAL HUMAN Mentor or Coach who has already walked the walk and has now decided to share their knowledge & expertise with the World.

All our Coaches are business owners themselves and meet our Bifound Coaching Standards & Requirements.




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Here's how a Mentor can help.

Nothing can put your mind at ease more than a 1on1 conversation with an expert. A real, empathizing human being who's been there and is now in a position to guide you through the industry. 

The greatest professional athletes, musicians, artists and CEOs all depend on coaches to ensure performance.


A Coach is not just an expert. A Coach is a second mind, an objective point of view, a confidant and a friend whose only goal is to see you win.

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How do I know I need a Mentor?

If you struggle with any of the following, you probably need a coach:

  • Business Structure & Optimisation 

  • Business Plans

  • Price vs Quality Strategy

  • Growth Strategy

  • Seeking Investment

  • Marketing & Branding Strategy

  • Team Formation / Hiring Structure 

  • Social Media Structure

  • Idea & Business Development

  • Personal Development & Stress Management

  • Tough Business Decision 

  • Automation Systems

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Not ready to talk to a Coach?

Download a Business Plan template and get your feet wet.

What to expect from a business coaching session:

  • You have a 1-on-1 meeting with one of our Mentors either in person or via Zoom.

  • Your Mentor will go through your business strategies in order to help you pinpoint exactly what your business needs to take off the ground.

  • Your Mentor will go through a series of questions about your goals, vision, strengths and weaknesses.

  • No questions or answers are off-limits when it comes to your business. Your Coach is there to help you navigate through the theoretical as well as complex emotional aspects of starting & running a business.

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How to prepare for your coaching session:

  • Download the business plan template and try to fill in as much as you can. This will allow you to expand your horizon and be prepared for the conversation.                                                              

  • Be opened to receive guidance. Your coach will not do the work for you but they will guide you so you may cultivate clarity from within.

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The path is here to form you,

You've got nothing to lose and everything to win!