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The Mission is simple: we connect Mentees with Mentors.
But why is this important?

We Are Business Founders Supporting Business Founders.

Bi:^found, short for Business Founders,

Is a company build from the initiative to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to the world.

The Work

That’s the question we asked ourselves when we wished for a platform that would allow Mentors and Coaches from all walks of life to be visible and available to clients at a glance. We dreamed of a service that would allow anyone from anywhere in the world, to get exactly that: a real human Mentor experienced in the exact industry or challenge they are called upon.  And then we got to work, this is how Bifound was born. 


We built the platform that allows Mentors and Mentees to connect, see if they are right for each other and start working together for the short or long term vision. 


We are humans and our deepest connections are built or broken on the subject of trust. That is the power of Bifound. Our vetting process ensures that our Mentees get a Mentor they can trust. Not only do we have strict requirements and we vet all applications manually but we also ask our Mentors to pass our EQ test to ensure they have the Emotional Intelligence to guide people on their journeys.


There are hundreds of millions of Mentors and Coaches out there and yet, only few of them will earn the Bifound endorsement.


At any given point there is always someone who has what you need, whether that’s information, resources or connections. Someone willing to look into your life or business and offer you the guidance and support to make it better. Someone that draws personal satisfaction from helping people succeed and has the wisdom and experience to guide them effectively - that is what we call a Mentor. So where do you find a person like that?

The Future & Objectives

The future of Bifound is bright and clear. We will be reaching 1 million Bifound Mentors to support 10 million Mentees or more by the end of 2025. This is a bold goal and we do not take it lightly. That’s why we are working hard to continue building our platform in a way that is intuitive and practical for both Mentors and Mentees.


Reaching our goal will in turn allow us to support at least 1 million young people in developing countries through the Open Arms Foundation. Open Arms Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Bifound that supports people in remote locations get the supplies and mentorship they need to become leaders and spark a positive change in their own communities. We believe the more we bridge the knowledge and income inequality gap, the better it is for everyone. 


Learn more about the Open Arms Foundation here and how you can get involved.


The 3 Step Foundation Formula (IRE) has infinite room for expansion.

The 3 Step Foundation Formula has infinite room for expansion. It will run in nearly every aspect of your life, be it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially.


If we have a look into how things have evolved in history, it is crystal clear that the key factor behind human development and expansion has been the entrepreneurial mindset. The desire to grow, understand more, create more and experiment with ideas for a better future.


This is essentially the only skill you need to learn. All the other important principles of life are enclosed within the entrepreneurial mindset.


Principles such as honesty, care for others, leadership skills, discipline, fair judgment, emotional intelligence, integrity and so on. This is the beauty of the 3 Step Foundation Formula, it is a capsule of holistic life prosperity.

Concrete Structure


Bifound may be new to the world but the founders are old school business founders and Mentors themselves and don’t shy away from a good challenge. 

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