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Graham Constantine

''To have freedom of speech you must first have freedom of reach''


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Who is Graham?

Graham was born in 1960, in Doncaster, as the eldest brother of the family. At age 7 he was already reading the 007 novel Goldfinger by Ian Fleming, and around the age of 16 he was given Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance sparking a lifelong interest in philosophy. 


Alongside his love for philosophy, he also build up an impressive career, becoming “CFO” for a “startup” as part of the Young Enterprise programme and later gave back to Young Enterprise as a mentor and lecturer at Chichester University. 


But he didn’t stop there, he would continue building up experience in the Corporate world and ultimately taking on a UK board level role at Ericsson with P and L and the responsibility of running a £100M a year plus business with a team of over 150 for 13 years. 


Despite his huge corporate success, Graham started feeling an inner calling that grew stronger year after year. It was a call to re-shuffle the deck and return to his first 3 passions: philosophy, mentoring and soul music. 


So in 1999 he quit his corporate job and started pursuing each one of these 3 passions. 

Founder & CEO of Digital Freelance, Brighton

He started his first business in 1999 as he longed to find freedom, apply his passion for learning and stretch his entrepreneurial wings. He ran a coaching and training business working closely with people on setting and achieving their personal goals. He then started Digital Freelance in 2016, a digital marketing agency specialising in small business marketing with guaranteed results. 


He is passionate about entrepreneurialism as a means of developing personally and incorporates spirituality into his holistic approach to business. He is a deep listener, a wise mentor and an intuitive leader that can be both nurturing and challenging at the same time.


Don’t forget about the 3rd passion! Graham is now focusing solely on what he loves most and part of that meant running the Modern Soul Sessions livestream every Friday. Catch him live on MixCloud @SoulDownSouth and LinkedIn , living his best life right from his office.


The Discovery.


I created the SPLICED model -


Soul Purpose Lead Inspire Create Engineer Dream which helps me to uncover the star qualities and unleash the potential of every person that I mentor.

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