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''In a world of extremes choose to be a bridge''

Irina  Mihalache

CEO of Urban G Clothing


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Who is Irina

Born and raised in a humble environment in Eastern Europe, Irina decided to take life into her own hands and move to the UK at the age of 19.


She has always been an incurable optimist & lover of adventure, so when the idea of moving abroad grew on her she did not hesitate to take action despite not having a clear roadmap.


She packed her suitcase and left with a one-way ticket and exactly £100 in her pocket, not knowing a single soul in the UK.

Co-Founder and CEO 

Over a decade later she is today the Co-founder and CEO of Urban G Clothing, a company dedicated to raising the fashion industry standards by producing high-quality and eco-friendly streetwear catering to creative minds.


Irina is also an active Bifound Mentor and the Co-founder of, double Patent holder, Brand Strategist behind the Beyond Pixel NFT collection, and philanthropist with over 5 years dedicated to supporting & volunteering for nationwide NGOs.


Most importantly, Irina is a firm believer that everyone has a fundamental human right to live an extraordinary life and she is committed to helping you find and pursue your own definition of extraordinary.


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Irina Mihalache

What Irina can help you with: