Mentor's Helpline Centre


Please use a picture with a neutral background.

  • The picture must show your face clearly and not be obstructed by sunglasses or other objects.

Image by Prince Akachi

Having a profile image is likely to boost your exposure. study shows a Profile picture is responsible for 99% of reasons people view your pofile


Describe yourself, your experience, and how your expertise can help your Mentees get clear, and achieve their goals. 

  • Tip: 

Try to highlight your main strengths in bullet points. Make it clear and easily identifiable for Mentees to understand what you bring to the table. Feel free to use emojis and special characters if you want to delimitate the sections of your bio.


1- 3 min video

  • All Mentors are required to upload a 1- 3 min video introducing themselves and giving Mentees a glimpse into who they are and how they can help.


The system will only allow you to block time. It does not allow you to manually input sessions as these are automatically populated when Mentees book sessions with you.


  • If you haven't done so already, please download the Bifound App using the link below:

  • Once your application has been accepted, and your identity verified, you will be awarded the Mentor's Badge via the app. This is where Mentees can find you and connect with your work.


As a Mentor, you have access to the private Mentor's Group via the Bifound App. This is the place where you can connect with other Mentors, share ideas, and exchange resources.

  • We pride ourselves on developing one of the most supportive and inclusive communities out there, so we encourage all our Mentors to interact with each other in the same spirit of unity.


All Mentors receive the first 3 months of being on the platform for free.

  • As an Active Bifound Mentor, you will continue enjoying free access to the platform for as long as your status remains Active.

  • As a Non-Active Mentor, you will be charged a fixed fee of $99 per year, to remain on the platform as a Mentor.


Please follow these steps to create and submit an article.

  • Submit at least 2 articles per month.

  • Post useful tips, reply to forum questions or engage with other posts/members on the app at least twice per week.

  • Have your calendar available for a min 1 x 20min free sessions per month.

  • Have your calendar available for a min 4 x paid sessions per month.


If you're here, it means we have no doubt in your ability to offer outstanding mentorship to our community. 

This mini-guide is on how to keep track of your Mentee's journey, challenges, and progress so you can prepare and maximize each session accordingly:

  • Keep a spreadsheet of your sessions and update it regularly. Take notes after each session so you can see the big picture.


  • Discuss specific scenarios with other Mentors and see if you can collectively find better solutions to help your Mentees. Please make sure you keep Mentee's identity private


  • Prepare for the sessions. You can prepare for the sessions by checking your spreadsheet and refreshing your memory on each case.


  • Block plenty of buffer time. You know your limit and your pace so please remember to prepare accordingly. You can block time off your calendar directly from your Wix dashboard, or you can contact your Account Manager to edit your default availability.

What is the Open Arms Foundation?

Upon signing up, you will have the opportunity to donate some or all of your proceedings to the Open Arms Foundation.

Open Arms Foundation is an initiative developed by Bifound and our partners, to ensure we support young people in remote locations develop leadership skills, and spark a positive change in their own communities.

We currently work with a variety of organizations in North Africa and want to extend our services beyond this area.

As a Mentor, you are not obliged to donate or get involved in any way, however, your support can make a huge difference and is highly appreciated not only by us but also by the families we are supporting.

Mentors' donation statuses (if they choose to donate) will be displayed next to their badge and be visible to other members on the platform. This is because the work that we do at Bifound is much bigger than us and our community loves to know they are also supporting this bigger picture.