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Requirements Verification

Each Mentor has a public profile on Bifound. In order to become visible to Mentees and ready to start taking sessions, Mentors should have passed the following criteria:

Minimum Requirements

  • 10 + years of experience in your field

  • Proven track record of achievements

  • Previous experience in coaching or managing people/teams

  • Bifound EQ test (min 80% pass). We test Emotional Intelligence to ensure our customers get the best support from their coaches. 


  • Verified Identity - our team will perform a series of background checks to verify your work and identity. Proof of ID is required. 

  • Profile picture with a neutral background will also be required.

Get Veified


Mentor's Guide

Session Structure | Free Resources | Mentor's Commitment | Maintain Clients Feedback

Session Structure & Cost

Free Resources

Mentor's Commitment

Mentors have the flexibility to choose how long the sessions will last and how much they will cost. We ask that your prices and session structure (duration, package structure, etc.) be made public to customers via your profile.

We ask our Mentors to provide at least 2-3 Free Resources that students can download and use. These could be downloadable PDFs, Video, or Blog style that gives the student a tester of your work.

All Mentors should be available to provide advice in-between sessions via the Bifound app or WhatsApp.

We encourage Mentors to only commit to the number of student and hours they can easily handle.

Each Mentor can choose how many hours they would like to dedicate to this task and update their profile accordingly.

Clients Feedback

We are able to connect Mentors with Mentees because of the trust we have built through our customer-centric approach. This also means that customer feedback is at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, we encourage all Mentors to maintain a rating of above 3 stars. Bifound reserves the right to terminate all Mentor's accounts rated below 3 stars.

Maintaining great relationships between all parties is our key priority.

Payment & Support

Benefits | Payout | Donations | Support



The benefits of becoming a Bifound Mentor

  • Access to thousands of students around the world

  • Zero customer acquisition cost

  • No monthly charges 

  • No Joining Fees,

  • You simply pay for the service when you get paid.

  • Bifound Mentor's Badge

  • Web visibility & exposure

  • Weekly payouts

Bifound service fee is 35% of all transactions. This fee helps us cover the marketing and customer acquisition cost as well as provide 7 days support to both Mentors and Mentees. We believe we have one of the most generous commission structure for the service and exposure we offer.


Payouts to Mentors are made on a monthly basis via your chosen payment method.


* All Mentors are responsible for paying their own taxes and declaring their income to the respective authority in their region.


As a Mentor, you will have the opportunity to donate part of your proceedings to the Open Arms Foundation. The donation status will be visible next to the Mentor's profile. You can also donate your time and offer free mentorship to students in remote locations. Learn more about Open Arms Foundation here.


As a Bifound Mentor, you will have a series of support available to you at any given point.


Our customer service team is available 24/7 and can help you send invoices, request payments, book or manage your calendar, technical support, and more.


In addition to that, you will have free access to a series of Bifound training videos updated periodically so you can be in the best shape for your Mentees.


How to maintain your Bifound profile Active & gain exposure.

Blog Entries

Students will be able to choose the Mentor they want to work with. Therefore, we recommend you create articles and blog posts on your specific industry and post them on the Bifound directory weekly. This way you can gain more visibility on the platform and in turn, more students.

Social Media

We highly recommend you keep at least one social media platform active and provide regular value so students may find you and become familiar with your work.

Your work as a Mentor will help create leaders, spread wisdom and shape the future for many generations to come. Start today!



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