• Delivery schedule: When and how will I receive my course?

    Once you have purchased the Business Plan Crash Course and/or the Idea Series, all classes included will be made available into your student account within minutes.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    Both the Business Plan Crash Course and the Idea Series are approximately 50min long each (divided into bite size classes for a better learning experience). All Bifound classes are designed as a tool-box you can revisit anytime you need. If you need more time or if you wish to re-take the classes, you will have unlimited access to them via your Bifound.com account.

  • Can I skip through the classes?

    As the classes are released to you, you may take and re-take them as you find necessary. However, the course is strategically designed step-by-step for you to build up the knowledge and expertise level as an entrepreneur. Skipping through classes may restrict your ability to gain full clarity, knowledge and execute like a pro! We strongly advise that, as you take the course for the first time, you watch each class in the specific release order.

  • Will I receive a completion certificate at the end of the course?

    Yes, once you have completed the course, you will receive a completion certificate.

  • Who is this course best suited for?

    The course was designed specifically for entrepreneurs (both online and offline), that wish to gain clarity on how to bring their ideas to the world, add value to their lives and their communities. If you have an idea, a start-up business or if you have run a local business for a number of years and have decided it's time to upgrade your skills, this course is for you!

  • Who is this course NOT suited for?

    The course is designed as a tool-box that will help you improve your knowledge, empower you to make strategic moves in your business and further your personal development. Therefore, the course is not suitable for anyone who is not willing to take action or looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme.

  • How is this course better than other training programs out there?

    We believe the key is in the structure and the holistic approach over one's entrepreneurial journey. Being based on our 3 Step Foundation Formula (IRE), the Bifound courses are strategically designed to take you from the idea development stage, into the business development stage and finally through the personal development stage which is a very important step of becoming. We don't leave anything out! The classes are not just packed with value but also entertaining and interactive, we believe learning does not have to be boring. Therefore you get a variety of quizzes, workbooks and a bunch of templates designed to enhance your learning experience and set you up for success.

  • When should I start a Business Plan?

    As soon as you have a business idea and you are serious about it! Many entrepreneurs receive mixed messages on whether a business plan is important or not. The truth is, a business plan is not just important but it's the first and most important tool that will help you build your business. You see, even if you don't seek external funding, a well-made business plan has the power to unfold the best possible roadmap to your goals. The reason is so powerful is because you are being forced to answer and research several crucial questions that will help you make educated decisions (not just in avoiding costly mistakes but also in maximising your resources). When you know what you are doing, even with small investments you can achieve remarkable results. This is not to say that a business plan will protect you from all mistakes. You must know that failure is an important part of success but you shouldn't waste your failures on predictable facts.

  • How does the Bifound Affiliate Program work?

    If you want to become an Affiliate you can go to the ''Become an Affiliate'' section on our menu and sign up for the Program. Once your application has been accepted, the system will generate a unique link for you that allows you to earn up to 40% commission on every new sale that comes via your link. All of us have brilliant ideas but many of us are just scared to dream bigger. However, during these times of introspection, the best thing we can do is to take those ideas seriously. You can share it with your friends and family, empower them to become self-sufficient and earn an income at the same time.

  • How does the Expert Review Package work?

    The Expert Review Package gives you access to 2 courses (The Idea Series + Business Plan Crash Course). In addition to that, it gives you access to 1h session via telephone or zoom with one of our Business Plan strategists that will have a look over your growth strategy and give you any pointers or opinions that could improve it. Please note: In order to have an expert review done, you will have to complete the workbook first. Our experts do not do any research for you in your particular industry, they do not write your business plan and they do not offer legal advice. However, as part of this package, a Bifound designer will take the information from your completed workbook + any of your own pictures (of the product, service, branding etc) and turn it into a modern-looking business plan. The style will be similar to that of our templates provided within the package.

  • Do you offer 1on1 sessions outside of the packages?

    The courses are designed to put your mind to work in the best possible way for your business. For this reason, we don't normally offer 1on1 services to non-students. However, we are happy to consider individual proposals. If you want to talk to an expert about your business, please don't hesitate to contact us via support@bifound.com with more details on the help you need - we aim to respond to all emails within 24h.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, all our courses come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have purchased any of our courses and you did not find it beneficial, we will offer you a full refund. Please check our T&C page for more information.

What is included in each series and how do I know which bundle is for me?

The entire Bifound course is based on our 3 Step Foundation Formula (IRE). Each one of the 3 steps is delivering a series of individual classes to meet your entrepreneurial needs.

The series are as follows:

▪Our Business Plan Crash Course has proven to be the most requested class by our students as it compresses how to create a full Business Plan in under 50min. However, with the information being so compressed, we didn't want you to miss on important elements of business development. So we have decided to bundle this class with the Idea Series and make them available as a special offer. This way you will have plenty of back-up information to take educated action in your business. 

The Course includes 2 very explicit PDF examples of Business Plans, 1 Sales Sheet and a powerful workbook designed to extract & organize all the information you need for your Business.

▪The first series (Idea) is approximately 50 min in total. We walk you through 8 powerful steps to follow when assessing your idea. Some of these steps include how to perform industry analyses, market research, find your unique competitive advantage, position yourself as an expert on the market, learn the first steps to your IP and more. This series can be purchased as a bundle (alongside the Business Plan Crash Course)

If you are just getting started and your business is in the IDEA stage, this is the bundle for you.


▪The second series (Resources) consists of 8 individual classes of approximately 50min each (almost 8 hours of business development goodness)

This bundle is ideal for you if you already have a clear idea in mind and have gathered the statistics but you're not sure how to integrate all that into a fully functional business.

We go in-depth over specific resources you can use to build your business from the ground up.

Some of these subjects include how to perform product or service development, understand and protect your Intellectual Property, develope your branding strategy, team formation, build a strong marketing strategy, find suppliers/manufacturers, get funded, deal with logistics, implement long term and short term strategies for growth and many more crucial aspects of a smooth operation.


▪The third and last series (Execution) of the course also consists of 8 individual classes of approximately 50 min each (almost 8 hours of personal development goodness)

This is the personal development series. If you have already achieved clarity over your idea, have a detailed business plan in place and have acquired the knowledge and resources you need but you are now looking for a way to maximise all your resources into a seamless execution, this is the bundle for you!

Here we share a ton of value and show you how to adopt a leadership mindset, decision-making skills, detecting negative influences, cultivating emotional intelligence, the art of networking, what are the Universal Laws and how they apply to your work and much more.

Every individual class through the course comes with its own workbook designed to help you extract valuable information about your business and save you time & effort along the way.