The 5 Pillars of Internet Businesses and which one are you standing on.

15th of March 1985 was the day a Massachusetts-based computer company was about to make history. They purchased and registered the very first .com domain in history:

Although the company is no longer active, the website lives on as a digital museum piece. What is even more interesting is that ''The Net'' did not become a thing for another 10 years. So what made us collectively give it a try?

Exchanging goods and services has always been the backbone of our human society. Ever since we started trading, humans have been consumed with creating better channels of shipping goods and information from one place to another. When the internet was invented and introduced to the World, it became obvious that it brings the solution to a long-lived dream of humanity: being connected at a glance.

How Does That Affect You:

The Internet created more millionaires and billionaires than all the other networks combined. This is an opportunity that none of our predecessors had. However, it became such a fast movement, that even the top people in it are too slow to keep up. It's almost as if it became an entity on its own, a universal consciousness constantly pushing the boundaries and redefining the future of humanity.


That’s why is so important to analyze it, understand it, and identify where we fit within the structure.

The 5 Pillars

Over the past 3 decades, The Net became much like a huge concrete platform suspended on a cloud, the more people were joining the havier it would become. So the 5 pillars emerged naturally, as a way to balance and support this platform.

  1. Market Hubs - Most often found as Search Engines and Social Media Platforms. Provide open networking platforms

  2. Software as a Service - Common examples are Microsoft Office, Adobe, Android, Photoshop, Computer Games, etc. The main purpose is to automate repetitive and scheduled tasks or serve as a means for entertainment.

  3. Agencies - Most popular are Talent Management Agencies, Marketing & PR Agencies, Consulting Agencies, etc. Helping buyers and sellers adapt to the new algorithm & market standards.

  4. Influencers - Content Creators with large follower databases, serve the structure by connecting buyers with sellers

  5. E-commerce Store - Sourcing and providing products and services.

We go in-depth into each pillar in our class ''The 5 Mega Pillars of Internet Businesses'', so make sure to check it out to learn how they form, make money, and most importantly, what's in it for you!

Your Position On The Structure.

Since you are reading this article, chances are you are more than just an end consumer when it comes to The Net. We could guess you are participating by embodying 1 or more of these pillars. The question is which one?