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Congratulations On Taking The Lead

You will have the chance to discuss your Career or Business needs with a Bifound Certified Coach and see if the service is right for you.

Established Entrepreneurs

Key subjects our mentors can guide you on:

  • Advanced Business Plan

  • Implementing New Ideas

  • Team structure and Company Culture

  • Funding Options

  • Expansion & Development Timeline

  • Budgeting & Investment Distribution

  • Brainstorming Sessions & Biz Troubleshooting

  • Taking a brink & mortar business online

  • Automation Systems

  • Manufacturing and supply chain distribution

Start-up Entrepreneurs

Key subjects our mentors can guide you on:

  • Business set-up (structure & strategy)

  • Feasibility Studies or SWOT Analysis

  • Industry & Market Research

  • Branding Strategy 

  • Online Presence (website set-up, social media accounts, Google visibility etc.)

  • Product Development ( 3D designs, blueprints and prototypes)

  • Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights etc.)

  • Business Plan
  • Seed funding

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Blue Smoke

Entrepreneurship is not for you?
You’ll be assigned to one of our Mentors to discuss your career preferences, help you understand the market opportunities and determine how can they best support you.

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Experienced Executives

Key subjects our mentors can guide you on:

  • Optimise your CV for the current Industry standards

  • Apply for a promotion 

  • Negotiate a fair salary

  • Switch industries

  • Find satisfaction in your career

  • Become an Industry leader

Students & Junior Executives

Key subjects our mentors can guide you on:

  • Detect your best skills & abilities

  • Design a career path that makes sense to you

  • Professional CV building

  • Understanding the type of positions available to you

  • Enter the corporate sector

  • Maximise your learning capacity within a job

  • Networking and growth

  • Career progression

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