"Environment can make what is easy HARD & what is hard  EASY"

Zakari Sulaiman

CEO of Bifound.com


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Who is Zakai Sulaiman

Zack has a long history of entrepreneurship under his belt. From the tender age of 11, he and his siblings would try to raise money by selling hibiscus lemonade in crowded African markets.


More often than not they would spend days on end under the burning Sun, only to bearly break even. But little did he know the sales skills and experience he would pick up along the way, would open the doors to a whole new world. 

Founder of Bifound.com

Fast forward 25 years later, Zack is Co-founder and CEO of Bifound, a passionate Mentor, and investor in young entrepreneurs & artists.

Over the past 25 years, he contributed to and founded multiple companies including Urban G Clothing, the apparel company that is re-inventing the fashion industry with high-quality & eco-friendly streetwear for creative minds. 

Zack is also a philosopher and huge tech enthusiast, hence he has launched an entire NFT collection, designed after his upcoming book ''BeyondPixel, tapping into the holographic universe''.


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What Zak can help you with



Zak got into world of cryptocurrency when he was introduced to the blockchain technology in 2016 and immediately invested in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As a tech enthusiast, he also launched his NFT collection designed for his upcoming book The BeyondPixel.


Idea Development

 Zaks will take you to the furthest reaches of your imagination, and help you generate ideas that would have been impossible to come up with on your own.

 It's a fascinating process to watch, because it gives you a glimpse into how his brain works.



In order to build a strong brand, you must first build a community. 

With Zak keen eye for art and fashion, He has been able to build brands that are both captivating and unique.

Here you will lean a simple way to find your message and build a supportive community.



Future of Tech

 As a tech enthusiast, Zak is always open to any futuristic ideas and innovation.


His particular areas of interest include biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), suitable energy sources, blockchain technology, brain-mapping techniques, space travel and colonization.

Need a Side Hustle?

 If you are still holding onto your 9-5 job or just looking to make a little bit of extra income, great news!

There is an opportunity readily available for you if you are ready to work for it.


The Internet has provided us with so many options for different kinds of skills.

Personal Branding

 Personal branding is a new degree of our time, regardless of your age or location.

No one can argue with the power of influence, which has rapidly grown with the rise of social media influencers.


Study shows that 20 out of 100 children between ages 10 and 16 want to become YouTubers. Zak will show you how to make yourself worthy of earning the position you want in life.

Pesonal Development

Your personality is the most expensive product you have — but no amount of money can build you a good character. Your personality is inborn: it’s cultivated through habits, choices and routines.

Zakari explores his approach to figuring out the fundamentals of human behaviour in his upcoming book Beyondpixel.


BeyondPixel Book

 Building a brand that resonates with your audience requires time, dedication and the power of community.


Zak will teach you how to tap into your true passion and build a supportive community around it.


The Philosopher Mindset

As a Philosopher and a huge tech enthusiast, hence he has launched an entire NFT book cover collection, designed after his upcoming book ''BeyondPixel, tapping into the holographic universe''.

He developed The Pixel philosophy as a roadmap to help him advance in his personal and professional life. Soon enough the Pixel formula grew into a series of fascinating mind shortcuts that he decided to use in his mentorship practice and ultimately share with the world.

With countless mentorship hours dedicated to helping artists pursue their dreams in a way that would allow them to make an income at the same time, Zakari has gathered and sharpened his mentorship skills and knows exactly what to say and when to say them.

Using The Pixel Philosophy

You may encounter these topics in your mentorship sessions

How to Allocate Time 

How to manage Energy

How to optimize your environment

There is no such thing as time management, there is only time Time Allocation, and time cannot be put aside after is gone. I will teach you how you can mindfully allocate, structure and form daily, weekly and even monthly routines

Being aware of your energy at all costs is an essential piece of the Game, Most successful athletes can, in precision tell you when their energy is nudging away. I am going to walk in through some of the mindful practices (Meditation, Triggers, and health) I have leant over the years., 

If success is your goal then the 1st place to start with is your environment, your surrounding holds the key to whether you are going to make it through or not. these include both internal & external spaces, County, zip code, your workspace, websites you visit, apps on your phone & family, friends, and colleagues you share space, energy and time with. 

I have developed a formula that I make sure keeps me in check. you

Idea  + resources + Execution = 

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