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Zakari Sulaiman

"Environment can make what is easy HARD & what is hard  EASY"


#BusinessDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment #Cryptocurrency 

Who is Zakari?

Zack was born as 1 of 8 siblings in a modest but loving family of 10 in Nigeria. It was instilled in his destiny to become a strong team player and provider for his community. From the tender age of 10, he and his siblings would try to raise money to feed the family by selling hibiscus lemonade that their mum would skilfully prepare from home Days on end they would go around the crowded African markets under the burning Sun, engaging with people, making them laugh, offering a helping hand and ultimately winning their trust.Some days were good and others the harsh weather would not work out in his favour, that’s when Zak learned the importance of accepting and adapting to failure as part of everyday life.

More often then not they would bearly break even, but they never gave up. Zak’s mum continued perfecting the recipe and pushing the dream until the family side hustle became a full-grown business with over 15 employees and covering 5 neighboring cities. Little did he know the sales skills and experience he would pick up along the way, would open the doors to a whole new world…

Founder of

As he transition into teenagehood and later on adulthood, the entrepreneurial mindset would grow to take up more and more real estate in Zak’s mind. Sometimes it was a family affair and other times he would go on his own, looking for contracts, deals, and other opportunities. At the age of 23, he decided to be the first in his family to move abroad, initially to continue his studies, but the journey would naturally continue in the direction set by his own destiny.



Today, Zack is the Co-founder and CEO of Bifound, a passionate Mentor, and an investor in young entrepreneurs & artists.


Zack is also a philosopher and huge tech enthusiast,

hence he has launched an entire NFT collection, designed after his upcoming book ''BeyondPixel, tapping into the holographic universe''.

The Discovery.

BeyondPixel Philosophy:

How to tap into the Holographic universe



I was throwing concepts on paper, or as I like to call it, ''thinking on paper''. A ritual I often perform to clear out the clutter of thoughts.